The Poker Library Essentials – 10 Must-read Poker Books

The Poker BookstoreThe Poker Library Essentials – 10 Must-read Poker Books

It’s every poker player’s dream to make handsome profits playing the game, but don’t be fooled by those ten-second all-in showdowns on TV: mastering poker’s finer points is hard work. It can take years of practice and study for a novice player to become an expert, but the savvy expert-to-be soon learns the quickest paths to success. Good poker books are one of the surest paths to improving your skills, and in poker, skill equals money. The very best books are those which are distinctive, concise, and which offer unique and specific information which you’ll find nowhere else.

We’ve designed and selected The Poker Essentials to include the best of the best, those poker books which give you the most bang for your money invested and hours spent, and which you should read before all others. There are many hundreds of poker books, and most of them offer something of value to readers. The Poker Essentials, though, are the must-reads, the best printed poker instruction you can find, delivered to you from true masters of the game.

Name of Book Topic of e Book Skill Level
Super System Multiple Games All Levels
Super System 2 Multiple Games All Levels
Harrington on Holdem, Vol.1 NL Tournaments Intermediate/Advanced
Harrington on Holdem, Vol.2 NL Tournaments Intermediate/Advanced
Read ’em and Reap Bluffing All Levels
Caro’s Book of Poker Tells Bluffing Beginner/Intermediate
The Theory of Poker Poker Theory Beginner/Intermediate
Ace on the River Poker Life Stategy All Levels
Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players Fixed Limit Holdem Beginner/Intermediate
Positively Fifth Street Non-Strategy All Levels
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