The Mental Game of Poker

The Poker BookstoreThe Mental Game of Poker

Latest Review Author: Jared Tendler, Barry Carter
Publisher: Jared Tendler
Pages: 241
Pub. Date: 2011
Price: $49.95

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Book Review

In the bustling online poker market – filled with all sorts of training programs, coaches, ?get rich quick? and other seemingly miraculous wonder cures, few perhaps have heard of Jared Tendler. What Jared offers in his book ?The Mental Game of Poker? however is unlike anything else available on the market today.

All poker players have heard of the mental side of the game, but few truly understand it. It is easy as a poker player to complain about the nature of variance ? and just as easy for their poker coach to tell them it happens to everyone, so they should just ride out the storm. However, these poker players are often burning thousands of dollars from motivational issues, tilt, confidence issues and other various problems that can so easily go completely undetected. Indeed, the concept of a ?mental game coach? is perhaps foreign to most players.

Jared makes a very detailed and successful attempt to address all of these problems in his book. Although other books on the mental game are available, for example ?Elements of Poker? by Tommy Angelo, the structure and style of The Mental Game of Poker makes it second to none. Jared has researched with successful poker players to make not only his book, but also his coaching sessions very relevant and specific to poker. Although he claims that he would be the fish in any decent no limit hold?em game, it is crystal clear that the author, originally from a golf background, has put in a lot of effort to transfer his top-notch skills from the golfing circuit to the strange and mysterious world that is poker.

Jared?s book is really eye opening in that it is immediately both relevant and insightful to anyone who has ever had a mental game issue in poker. With an extremely sound base in logic, the approach is taken of rationalizing things that cause players to tilt or have other issues relating to their attitude towards poker. The material provided within the book can help players ranging from the nosebleed pot limit Omaha masters to the bottom tier limit hold?em players. Jared does not promise to improve your poker, but it an impressive and perhaps surprising way, he has the ability merely through his rational words and explanations to improve your bottom line more than any book on ?poker strategy? ever could. It might seem ludicrous to some to imagine that a book that doesn?t actually teach you any poker can have such a profound impact, but such is the nature of those who do not harness or realise the power of a truly invincible mental game. Jared helps us all step closer to our goals of playing those flawless sessions, without the slightest movement towards the ?life tilt? button so many players are all too aware of.

The price ?The Mental Game of Poker? sells for is an absolute steal for the quality of information provided. With online poker booming and growing at the rate it currently is, it would be a terrible mistake to pass up the opportunity to get solid knowledge on tilt control and all kinds of issues ahead of the crowd. You owe it to yourself and your mind to buy this book today.

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