The World’s Fastest Online Game – Full Tilt’s Rush Poker

The Poker BookstoreThe World’s Fastest Online Game – Full Tilt’s Rush Poker

Online poker is all about speed and action, and there’s no better place for both than playing Full Tilt Poker’s recent innovation, Rush Poker.

Rush Poker works by allowing players to participate in as many hands as possible.  There is no set lineup of opponents.  You are in a hand at a given table only as long as you remain active, with cards; once you fold – which for decent players, should be on a majority of your hands – you are whisked away from that table and on to a new one, where another full lineup of players awaits.  It’s possible to multi-table Rush Poker, too, though with the immediacy of being moved from one table to the next as soon as you’re out of hand, playing more than two or three tables is almost unnecessary, even for the most dedicated multi-tablers.

For many players, Rush Poker offers numerous advantages.  First is the constant action and speed, giving you magnitudes more game action than you could experience at a live table or even at a single non-Rush table online.  Along with that are the added rakeback and bonus points that Rush players quickly accumulate.

The constantly changing lineup is a boon to casual players, too, since it’s not possible within the Rush format for online sharps to track certain players and try to sit behind them, and the overall speed of the game itself makes online-software tools such as PokerTracker marginally less effective.  Be aware, though, that the sword has two edges: Within Rush Poker it is no longer possible to set up an opponent in the long term in the hope of making a certain play, because that player is whisked away at the end of the first hand.  You’ll certainly encounter many other players and screen names repeatedly as you play, but often with seat positions and stacks radically changed.  The overall result of this volatile mix is that the game plays much tighter than many standard ring games.

Rush Poker may have a home on cel-phone applications, too.  Full Tilt recently invited its VIP “Black Card” to beta test its new Rush Poker application for Android phones, including real-money play.  At this time it’s only possible to play one table on your phone, though, and it remains to be seen how wide a scale this and similar rollouts will achieve.  Overall, though, Rush Poker has been a hit with online players and represents one probable path for the future of the online game.

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